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Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»

DreamCoon Mr. Ladybird
April 16 2017
Mr ladybird prefers one of the dog beds.😎 Read more
Voland Smok
December 17 2016
Black Smoke
I thought you might find this photo of him humorous. There are a couple of stray cats outside and i have some dry food for them. He knocked it off the water bottles and seemed so proud of himself lol.... Read more
DreamCoon Topgun
June 30 2016
Black classic tabby
This is Larry from
Evansville Indiana this as a few pictures of Harley at one-year-old


Harley turned 2 years old.
Amazing boy!

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DreamCoon Greyhound
May 08 2017
His name is Miko, and he is doing exceptionally well. Has adapted very well. He loves his toys. Very well behaved.
Aug 8 2017

He weighs 7lbs. Very happy.
Hope you are doing well.

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DreamCoon J Matty
May 28 2017
Black tabby
He sleeps curled up on top of my head all night!
Even if I get up he follows me and then comes right back to his spot!
He even kisses me on the lips! He grows more adorable and bigger every day!!
He is...

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