TICA & WCF registered and certified Cattery
Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»

DreamCoon Flint the Pirate
September 02 2017
Dear Elena, Just a quick note to let you know Flint is doing very well and growing fast.
He has a very sweat disposition, likes to play and is very curious too.
He has been given a family ...
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Amore Mio DreamCoon
April 13 2010
DreamCoon Le Baron
March 05 2017
Black tabby
Merry cristmas!
Lebaron and Jose


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DreamCoon Nylse
June 05 2017
Black tabby with white
Hi!! Just letting you know Meeko (previously Nysle) is well. Such a smart handsome mischievous cat!


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DreamCoon Ambitious Wolfie
July 26 2017
Hey we have wolfie and he is perfect- we love him already!


This boy is growing like a weed and loves to eat!


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