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Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»

DreamCoon Waldo Nickel
October 28 2021
Black silver tabby
Bullets doing amazing we just got his name tag in a .380 bullet engraved with his name.


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DreamCoon French Flower
February 23 2022
He took to everyone right from the start . He seems to play with Crush and Ozzy the most but those two are always running around the house playing or getting into something so Ghost is going where the... Read more
DreamCoon Filly
February 23 2022
Hey there! As p r video I call him Olaf now but thought you'd like to see this video of him on the cat tree with my male (my male is being a good patient big brother)


14/05/2022 ...

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DreamCoon Morfey Exeter
April 03 2019
Black silver tabby
This is caesar born April 3 2019. I picked him up and what a great joy one of the sweetest cats . Really appreciate getting him from you.

Appreciate it Dr devadan



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DreamCoon Dual
December 05 2021
Blue with white
Heís settling it very nicely, he is very sweet and playful. We have decided to rename him Oliver :)



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