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Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»
USDA licensed and inspected by APHIS USDA-APHIS

Interesting facts about Maine Coons

Discover everything you need to know about the Maine Coon, an affectionate and playful cat breed.

Best items and stuff for Maine Coon
Here is list of specisic items for Maine Coons

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Heterochromia. Cats with different eyes – a bad sign or a gift of fate?
Cats with different eyes - are they a miracle of nature that bears a mystical meaning, or a usual external fault that should be avoided?

15 Frequent Domestic Risks for Cats
We don’t often realize how many poisonous and hazardous items which are harmful for our pets there are in our households!

Plants hazardous for cats: catalogue
The Internet abounds with the lists of poisonous plants but they are often far from being complete. It is impossible to remember everything. So it’s easier for the cats’ owners to examine their own plants for hazards for cat’s health than try to remember the long lists of poisonous plants...

5 easy steps of getting rid of Maine Coon’s fleas
How to get rid of the fleas? The most widespread way is using special drugs. Revolution is considered to be one of the most effective drugs.

Maine Coon treaks!
Collection of working tricks. Circus in your home - it's easy! Amuse your guests!

Having a Maine Coon: All what you need to know.
Well, following these easy recommendations, you will make your Maine Coon healthy, clean and happy!

On the basis of experience and observation of various conditions we would like to post the treatment procedure of FCKS on the Internet in order to help the owners of these wonderful tiny creatures to overcome this trouble...

Children and pets
After giving a birth for a child for parents the question concerning pets becomes. There are a lot of misconceptions and fears about this that a newborn can even die from such interaction....

The standards of Maine coon according to WCF system

Body. It is large or very large. It is muscular, long and wide, should give the impression of squareness. The neck is of the medium length with a strong muscular, broad chest. The paws are strong, of the medium length....

So you've decided to buy a Maine Coon!
Although the price of the kittens are quite high and there is a great number of catteries, but to find "your" kitten is still not so easy.
In Europe, it is perhaps the most popular breed, its popularity increases in Russia.
It is a big, smart, kind and gentle wonderful pet! This is a real dream from the childhood! And if you find on the Internet a marvelous face and fall in love with it...

What determines the cost of a kitten?
Everything bought in the store, depending on its different characteristics is evaluated differently. Animals, as it would be incorrect, are legally considered as things in Russia. Accordingly, in all the issues associated with the animals’ acquisition the legal relations are treated as for things....

Maine Coon cats. The history of the breed.
About the origin of the Maine Coons, as well as about the history of many other breeds of cats, there is little information. Presumably they have appeared as the result of crossing the long-haired and short-haired cats, which have been brought to Maine and other areas of New England by merchants who came from Asia at the time when these animals have not been registered...