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Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»

March 31 2016
I just wanted to share some recent pics of Piper. She is doing very well and such a love. Today is her 1st bday so I thought I would share. The picture of her and Lewis is when she was younger....
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Sweetheart Rony
November 01 2016
Black classic tabby
hiya! Rony is scheduled for neutering on april 6th, otherwise he's happy and healthy and had a great checkup and he's getting his boosters on the 16th. he's a real snuggler and a love bug! i have... Read more
DreamCoon Cream Bisquit
May 20 2016
Red smoke
Flurry DreamCoon
October 20 2014
blue silver cl.tabby
Very handsome cat.
He's really slender but his coat is very thick as im sure you're used to.

December 2014

Olaf is doing great!
I attached a recent picture for you, he is such a goofball!...

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DreamCoon Eduardo Red
October 18 2016
Red classic tabby
Here are a couple of pictures of my baby Ollie: He is on the top of the cat stand as you can imagine. He was having his nap when I took his picture. I have switched Ollie over to Life’s Abundance dry... Read more

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