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Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»

DreamCoon Wangler
January 22 2018
Red tabby
Hi Elena, he is settling in good.
Eating great too. We are taking him on Sat to vet to get rabies shot and last vaccine.
Will keep you updated.
He is very happy.


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DreamCoon Black Smoke
February 25 2018
Black smoke
He's adjusting really well.
He loves to run around and chase. Paper balls are his favorite.
Still very needy but one of us is with him all the time until he gets older.

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Doing very well. Eats , plays , sleeps . Start over . Always very happy.
And looks for my lap to sleep on when done playing.

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DreamCoon Xenda
January 25 2017
Black silver tabby with white
Hi M Elena,
Miss Anabell is a delightful creature.
She dances around my feet when i go about my business, and coddles either close to or on my head when I sleep.
My dog Penelope is having a hard ...

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DreamCoon Whalta
January 22 2018
Black smoke
Luna loves my dogs and wants to snuggle...
she and the dachshund mix are getting along better all the time.
She greets them with a cheek rub everytime they enter the room. ALL is well.
I have attached...

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