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Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»
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DreamCoon Oishi
May 06 2022
Black tabby with white
Hello :) She is the best little cat we could have asked for! She’s so loving and playful and she’s always right next to one of our kids.


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DreamCoon Nord
May 04 2022
Black tabby
He is on patrol at my pet store. Official customer greeter. born 5/4/2022



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DreamCoon Donnia
December 05 2021
Black silver tabby
DreamCoon Angola
May 11 2022
Black tortie with white
Also I wanted to share how big and beautiful they’re getting! They’re absolute angels



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DreamCoon Lotte
September 01 2021
Black silver tabby
Here are some pictures of Lotte! We call him Winter now and love him so so much!


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DreamCoon Xeveritto
January 03 2022
Black tabby with white
We got Bronco (Xeveritto) from you in April and have been delighted to have him. He is growing up to be smart and playful, and we love it.

We are working towards traveling with him to India next...

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DreamCoon Math
June 11 2022
Hey!! :)

He's doing wonderful and getting all of the spoils!! Bryce had fun bonding on the car ride and would spoil the little guy with pets and scritches. :) I was excited to hear how the visit went...

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DreamCoon Zermatt
October 28 2021
Black silver tabby
Hello there,
This is Vicki in Belize with Lynx……aka…Zermatt when with you. I HOPE YOU are both well!
I am sure you are inundated with photographs of your wonderful kittens…I couldn’t resist to ...

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DreamCoon Ferdinando Stefano PP
April 07 2022
Cream with with white
he's doing great! Growing.. just last vet appointment he was 7.2 he's way bigger now! We love him! If you get a black one let me know!



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