TICA & WCF registered and certified Cattery
Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»
USDA licensed and inspected by APHIS USDA-APHIS

DreamCoon Liam Cooper (R10)
June 13 2017
Black silver tabby NS22
DreamCoon Richard Lion Heart (R7)
May 06 2017
Red tabby
Here’s a photo of the boys last night - they seem to have worked out all of their problems! 😊


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DreamCoon Ideal Morning
October 20 2016
Black smoke
Hello Elena. Things are going great. Ideal is getting baths at least once a month (depending on how dirty he gets from exploring under the cabinets or the basement when we visit the in-laws). Found... Read more
Kitty the Splat
June 05 2017
Black tortie
She is amazing and we just love her! Even our older cat has taken to her quicker than we expected 😊
Thanks again! She is beautiful!!


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May 28 2017
Red tabby
Hi Andrei and Elena, Royal is wonderful, happy and growing fast! He's so much fun!


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