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Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»

DreamCoon Gerr Stepanych
May 08 2017
Black tabby (n22)
Kotofey DreamCoon
May 23 2015
black & white
Well we renamed him Dobby and he is doing great!
He even loves the dogs and in fact gets along better with them then his cat sisters.
Other than trying to steal food when I’m eating hes ...
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DreamCoon Interdit
September 19 2017
DreamCoon In Love Again
September 19 2017
Black tabby
We had a nice trip home.
Natheric slept on my lap like he had done it before!
He explored some when we got home.
Curled up with me in bed, he wanted me to rub his belly so I did for a while....
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DreamCoon Kseniya
June 05 2017
Black tortie

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