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Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»

Tabby Goth
September 01 2015
Black classic tabby
Ninja Silver Dagger
June 12 2015
Black silver tabby
The boys are doing great. They continue to grow and at last weigh in a week or so ago , Rocky was 6.6 kg and Ninja was 7 kg. Ninja just seems much larger than Rocky. They both are very loving but own... Read more
Silicia Arabesque DreamCoon
January 30 2016
Blue solid
Silicia, renamed her Zuri, is the sweetest baby, my teenage boys feel in love with her within the first few minutes and she instantly bonded with my younger son. My other cats love her to pieces after... Read more
Katsu Love Bug DreamCoon
October 20 2015
Brown classic tabby
Feb 08/2016
Hello Elena!
Yes the kitties are adapting woderfully.
In fact they are taking a little nap right now snuggled on the couch.
Hillary is showing up soon so they...
Read more
Rainy Joy
January 02 2016
Theodore is the newest member of my family. I picked him from the San Francisco International Airport at 11:30PM last night. He was tired and hungry from a 12 hour and 3,000 mile day of travel but he ... Read more

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