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Cattery of cats of breed Maine Coon «Maine Coon of my dreams»

DreamCoon Orlando
January 20 2019
Hes due for a bath. He doesnt like baths too much. He hates to be combed but we get through it.


Orlando is so funny, he likes to use his paw and push everything on the floor....

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DreamCoon Alaska II
December 15 2019
DreamCoon Bilbao Best of Spain
May 01 2020
Black silver tabby with high white
The kitten is great very energetic. He is best friends with the other cats.


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DreamCoon Like Oui
January 02 2020
He is doing great! He loves his new brother and they play together very well. Thank you for the beautiful kittens.


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DreamCoon Kolovrat
December 17 2019
More of mishka he is up to 10lbs at 6 months we continue to use the vet in Chester.



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